N&W Farms has been leading the way in sweet potato production and packaging since 1983. Based in Vardaman, Mississippi, N&W has served their customers with premium products and exemplary service.

N&W Farms has been innovating the Sweet Potato Industry for years and it is this innovation that has been the hallmark of our company throughout its history.

For example:
Our electronic sizing equipment allows our customers flexibility in their packing preferences. Our customized packing process allows us to meet the demands of our customers in the Food Service Industry, Wholesale/Retail and Specialty packaging markets.

Our products are placed into corrugated cardboard boxes or Returnable Plastic Containers (RPC) based on our customer preference.
Sorting sweet potatoes by weight provides foodservice customers advantages by giving them a more consistent size product.

Loading a truck at N&W Farms and getting them on the way is easy and efficient. The facility has been specifically designed to control temperature and humidity, which will improve the overall quality of the sweet potatoes being shipped out.
Our commitment to our customers is to deliver top-quality fresh Mississippi Sweet Potatoes when and where they are needed.